We offer installation, monitoring and maintenance of full range of security equipment covering commercial, industrial and domestic concerns. These systems are backed by highly trained security specialists and are linked to 24-hour state of the art control room which dispatch armed reaction once the instant alarm is raised.  Live CCTV monitoring on and off premises linked to our computerized control center.

RFID alarms

We offer protection for the following Assets/ Infrastructure

  • Office furniture chair, ballot box / smaller electronic equipment / keyboard – appliances of lesser value
  • High risk assets which are stationary. Applications include cable, personal computer / large flat screens / servers / portable hard disk / printer
  • Laptop
  • Up to 1,5km human perpetrator detection. Also protecting large stock yards / store room and areas where no mobile phones and 3G modems are allowed
  • Basements human presence detection
  • Generators
  • Guard patrol real time monitoring
  • Electric Fences / picket fence / fences
  • Alarm monitoring of offices / kitchens. Controlling – arming of building alarms
  • Panic / emergency buttons for staff
  • Passive infrared in all no –access points and fire escape points
  • Gate and access points including proximity detection of assets
  • Marking of perpetrators during a theft incident
  • Light & Siren automatically activates for pre-configured RFID alarms or upon control command from the control centre
  • Power management – measuring electricity consumption
  • Alert of steel pipe tampering – perpetrator chiselling on pipe trying to cut a hole on pipe in order to steal gold containing slurry
  • Fuel monitoring, fuel theft alarms

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